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Welcome to Timber Valley Ranch, where passion for the outdoors, hunting, and horsemanship intertwine to create a haven of adventure and community. Meet the Pamer family: Jen, Matt, Ky, and Yona, whose roots span from the rolling hills of Ohio to the vast plains of Texas.

Jen, hailing from the Lone Star State, brings the passion for horses and a deep love for the land to the ranch. Growing up amidst the rugged beauty of Texas, she developed a profound appreciation for nature's bounty and the cowboy way of life. Her Texas spirit infuses every corner of the ranch with authenticity and charm.

Matt Pamer, raised in the heartland of Ohio, embodies the values of hard work, resilience, and a love for the great outdoors. From his days exploring the woodlands of Ohio to his adventures in hunting, Matt's connection to nature runs deep. His Ohio roots bring a touch of Midwest hospitality and a dedication to community to the ranch.

Their son, Ky, inherits his father's adventurous spirit and his mother's love for the land. Ky is a true cowboy at heart. Whether he's out tending to cattle or honing his skills as a marksman, Ky's enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits knows no bounds.

Yona, born and bred on the ranch, is a budding equestrian with a passion for horses that rivals her parents'. With dreams of becoming a horse trainer, Yona spends her days immersed in the world of horsemanship, learning the ropes from her family and pursuing her passion with determination and grace.

Together, the Pamer family is on a mission to share their love for the outdoors, hunting, and horsemanship with their community. Through their ranch, they hope to inspire others to connect with nature, embrace adventure, and foster a sense of camaraderie that transcends generations. Welcome to Timber Valley Ranch, where the spirit of the wild runs free, and every day is an opportunity for adventure.

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