Horse Boarding in Bellville OH

At Timber Valley Ranch in Bellville OH, we take pride in offering an array of amenities designed to enhance your horse's experience. Our heated barn ensures a comfortable environment during colder months, with convenient access to bathrooms for both boarders and guests. You'll also find a well-organized tack room for easy storage of your riding gear.

Our 70x80 indoor arena provides a controlled space for year-round training and exercise, while our spacious 150x200 outdoor arena is perfect for outdoor riding and practice. Horses enjoy the convenience of automatic waterers and ample turnout opportunities for fresh air and socialization.

For those who love trail riding, during the spring and summer months our beautiful property is available for scenic trails that both horse and rider will appreciate. Additionally, we're excited to introduce our new summer feature: an obstacle course for training and versatility, offering a fun and challenging way to improve your horse's skills and agility. At Timber Valley Ranch, we've created an environment where you and your equine partner can thrive!
Our philosophy centers around the idea that a horse should be allowed to be a horse as often as possible. This means providing ample turnout time in our spacious pastures, where horses can graze, play, and socialize with their herd mates. We understand the importance of mental and physical stimulation for equine well-being, so we prioritize turnout to ensure our horses are happy and healthy.

Our three comprehensive boarding options in Bellville, OH

In addition to our exceptional facilities, we offer three comprehensive boarding options tailored to meet the needs of both horse and owner:

1. **Full Care Stall Board - $650**: Our most inclusive option, perfect for horses needing individualized care. Horses are provided with a spacious stall in our heated barn, complete with daily cleaning and fresh bedding. They enjoy daily turnout, access to high-quality hay, grain fed twice a day, and regular access to our indoor and outdoor arenas. Owners can rest assured knowing their horses receive attentive care and attention to detail.

2. **Full Care Dry Lot Stall Board - $550**: Ideal for horses that benefit from more controlled turnout. This option includes all the amenities of our Full Care Stall Board, with the added benefit of a dry lot turnout area for horses who may not be able to have pasture turnout. Horses have access to shelter and space for movement, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

3. **Full Care Pasture Board - $400**: Designed for horses who thrive in a natural, outdoor environment. Our lush pastures provide ample grazing opportunities, supplemented with high-quality hay as needed. Horses enjoy the freedom of large, safe pastures, with access to shelter and automatic waterers. This option allows horses to maintain their natural herd dynamics while receiving attentive care from our team.

No matter which boarding option you choose, rest assured that your horse will receive loving care at Timber Valley Ranch. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment for both you and your equine partner. Contact us today to learn more about our boarding options and schedule a tour of our facilities.

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